Love at First Hate

She wants his story. He wants his secrecy. Too bad he can’t stay away from her.


Blogging about bad dates used to be fun, but a girl can only take so much foolishness. So I broke up with my job.

Okay, full disclosure, I was fired. It’s a long, sordid tale, involving my sourdough starter—RIP, Fred!—and my ex-boss’s serious lack of humor.

Newly funemployed and in need of a break, I go to Asheville to dogsit for my sister…and stumble onto a scoop big enough to put my fake-dating days behind me forever.

Augusta Glower, local success story, wrote a bestseller about the self-help group she started. People think her system works, and copycat Bad Luck Clubs have sprung up nationwide. Something feels off, though, and a little poking around by yours truly suggests she stole the idea.

There’s one problem. I have to prove it, and the guy she ripped off—super-hot house flipper Caleb Reynolds—seems to…well, hate me. Which is too bad since his secrets aren’t the only thing I’d like to peel away.

* * *


Molly O’Shea is my worst nightmare.

Is she sexy as sin? Well…yeah. Does she smell like honeysuckle and trouble? No doubt. Is she determined to dig up my secrets with a backhoe? I’m pretty sure she got a two-week rental. But I’ll never talk. If the reason I started the club gets out, my whole life will implode.

So why is she so damn irresistible?

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Publisher: Laughing Heart Press
Reviews:Shara wrote:

It’s been a while since a book has so thoroughly reeled me in and I’ve completely fallen in love with the characters!...The chemistry between Cal and Molly was so perfectly written...The authors did such a fantastic job creating this world with so much laughter, love, steamy moments, heartbreak and finally forgiveness. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the series goes!

Erin Lewis wrote:

Although a Romcom, there is also more to this story than just fun and romance. There were moments where, sadness, pain and guilt were palpable and I was moved to tears. However the authors counted this with humour, love and romance, of learning to love and trust again and to heal.

Love At First Hate is a well written story that will draw you in hook, line and sinker; a little gem that I thoroughly enjoyed.

B W wrote:

I really loved this book, so much in fact, that I barely slept so I could finish it in one day! It’s funny and heartfelt and I found myself getting lost in the characters and what they were going through.

Lynda Custer wrote:

Be ready to Laugh! I honestly do not remember laughing as hard or as much while reading a book in some time.

Robin wrote:

It's one of those books you can't put down, just one more chapter and one more chapter and you just keep reading!