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What you’ll always find in a Laughing Hearts book:

Swoony feels. We routinely fall in love with our male leads. Thankfully, we’ve been assured we’re not alone in that.

Laughter. Our heroes and heroines walk into a lot of ridiculous situations, and there are always plenty of quirky side characters. It’s fun to laugh with, and occasionally, at them.

STEAM. Our first series, Asheville Brewing, is sexy but not explicit. Our other series are more 🔥🔥.

Emotional growth. Okay, this isn’t a sexy term, but emotional growth totally MAKES someone sexy, and it’s gratifying to take this journey with a hero or heroine.

Family. We write about families, made and found.

Pets. We love them (Denise has five dogs!), so animals have been known to make an appearance in our books. Crotchety cats, dogs with sandal fetishes, grumpy turtles, you name it.

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