Better Luck Next Time

The last person she wants might be the second chance she needs.

***Standalone romance with a HEA!***

Adalia Buchanan broke up with art, but it won’t break up with her. So she paints in secret, then destroys her work. Her mentor stole her art months ago, and she’ll never share her work again.

After he sold his brewery, Finn Hamilton’s life was supposed to be on an upward trajectory. Instead, he’s lost his way. When he stumbles upon Adalia destroying her painting, two thoughts come to mind: one, she looks like a Valkyrie with blonde hair swinging and paint flying from her blade, and two, she’s talented. Very talented.

Suddenly, she's no longer the sassy sister of his best friend’s girlfriend—she’s an intriguing, beautiful woman he’s dying to get to know better.

Too bad Adalia, who's infatuated with Pride and Prejudice, thinks he’s arrogant and conceited, a modern-day Mr. Darcy.

Then again, Elizabeth Bennett changed her mind about Darcy, so there may be hope for them yet...if they can survive an evil cat, a goat-obsessed artist, and their meddling families.

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Publisher: DGS
Reviews:Diana Jaycox wrote:

“Denise Grover Swank and A.R. Casella have such a way with words that the characters and settings seem real! …The characters in Asheville Brewing have become my new best book friends. Well done, fun romance with just a touch of suspense.”

Amazon Customer wrote:

“This is the series we all need right now! I loved the way the romance builds in this book-- Adalia and Finn have a wonderful rapport, and their love develops very naturally. This entire series is definitely a book world worth escaping into!”

Ruthie wrote:

“Adalia and Finn are so much fun! I loved reading this book. I smiled, and giggled, and when I was finished... I sighed a happy sigh... and started reading it all over again! Yes, it’s that good! I can’t wait to read the next in the series.”

Shaunna Bowen wrote:

“This was a sweet and funny book filled with just the right amount of sexy! …I just adore these characters and this crazy town!”

Aspen wrote:

“Such a sweet, charming romantic comedy! …Perfect book to read quickly and feel happy afterwards.”